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Most of the time our presentations will take place in the cafeteria or gymnasium. On occasion we have presented in school libraries and media rooms. For best results we will need a minimum of 10ft X 10ft area.  

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How Much Space Do We Need To Provide For A Presentation?

Due to the popularity of our programs, we book up solid every year! The earlier you call, the better your chances that we will be available on your preferred date. All our programs tend to fill quickly, so CONTACT US TODAY to avoid disappointment.  

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How Far In Advance Should I Book A Program?

Almost NONE! Once the program is booked, we make your job VERY EASY and HASSLE FREE. We will supply everything necessary to ensure your assembly is a complete success!

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How Much Work Will Have To Do When Hosting Your Programs?
Will You Split Travel Expenses For Schools In The Same Area?

If you are able to get one school in your area interested in our programs we will gladly divide the mileage cost between the two participating schools. If you are able to get two or more schools interested in our programs for the same day, we will waive the travel fee for all participating schools.

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Most of the time we DO NOT charge for overnight stays in your area. If we are performing an evening program for your school we will have books and DVD’s for sale. Purchasing these items is not mandatory. These funds will be used to compensate for overnight accommodations.

Do You Charge For Overnight Stays?

Unless otherwise stated we will bring our own professional quality sound systems. If we are flying to your school for a program, we prefer to use the school's system. The microphone will need to be wireless handheld or lavaliere.

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Do We Need To Provide A Sound System?

Absolutely! Everyone loves seeing “the principal” having fun! Our presenters can work with you to include an appropriate illusion or routine that turns your principal into a star! During the PTA / PTO Family Fun Night programs we always like to saw the principal in half or feature them in our "Head Chopper" illusion! This always seems to serve as a GUARANTEED CROWD DRAW. After all, who would not be interested in seeing their principal become a magic superstar?

Can Our Principal (Or Favorite Teacher) Be A Part Of The Show?
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How Long Are The Programs?
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All of our 'in school' assembly programs are 40 minutes. Our presenters will arrive at your school and check in at your school office approximately 40 minutes prior to the assembly start time. The programs are structured so there is no set up time in between programs. This makes it easy for back-to-back programs to stay on schedule.

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How Far Do You Travel?

To where ever you wish! We have presented programs the United Stated, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. We have many presenters in different parts of the United States, and are currently training and adding more speakers in different areas, allowing us to reach more schools and to reduce travel charges.

These are NOT “off the shelf” presentations! These are very UNIQUE programs for your school. Each program subject is treated seriously but presented in a FUN and entertaining style, using occasional bits of magic to keep the student's attention.

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What Are The Educational Magic Programs Like?
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Which Program Is Right For Our School?

There is no correct time of year for any of these programs. There are certain times of the year in which certain programs are more popular…i.e.…"I Love To Read" in September and ”Just Say No” for Red Ribbon Week in October. We perform these program all year long!

Each program has a standard performance fee (plus travel where applicable). Our fees vary according to geographical location to insure competitive pricing.

How Much Do These Programs Cost?
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Do you offer FREE or discounted shows?

For schools that need a little financial assistance we have several options. The first step is to simply call us and discuss your needs. In most cases there is always a way we can 'make it work'.

Another option is to host a fundraiser with Big Event Fundraising. We have made an agreement with them that allows your school the possibility of a FREE assembly program. Give them a call 1-866-980-9930 or click on School Fundraisers for more information on the FREE Magic Show Offer.

Certainly! We have educational programs for elementary, middle, and high schools. While the program content may differ from grade to grade, we still guarantee that all of our programs are FUN and EDUCATIONAL. 

Do you offer programs for middle schools?
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Do you offer programs for high schools?

Certainly! We have educational programs for elementary, middle, and high schools. While the program content may differ from grade to grade, we still guarantee that all of our programs are FUN and EDUCATIONAL.

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