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Grad Night Magic

One of the most important factors in creating a really special grad night is to make sure your students start having fun the entire night. This is where Cody’s award winning close up magic comes into play. This style of performance entertains everyone who wants to be entertained, a few students at a time. This is perfect for grad nights as there are typically a lot of things going on throughout the evening. Cody will delight your students with award-winning sleight of hand and lighthearted repartee without disrupting the other activities.

As a grad night planner, you will be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your students and staff are entertained with their very own 5 to 10 minute high-energy ‘mini show’. Everyone will be delighted as cards, coins, and other objects seem to come to life in Cody’s hands. This is magic in its purest form as these miracles will unfold inches away from your students.

This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of entertainment is perfect for your next grad night. Cody is able to create ‘magical moments’ so that each person that is involved feels very special. This is magic in its most intimate form and will leave the lasting impression you desire.

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