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Internet Safety

The Internet is a truly wondrous tool! You can learn just about anything with just the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, since anyone can post virtually anything online, the Internet also poses some dangers children need to understand.

During this 40-minute assembly program your students will learn some of the dangers lurking on the Internet, how to recognize them, and how to avoid them! Through the use of onstage volunteers and magic, Cody illustrates some simple guidelines kids and adults should know and agree to in order to stay safe online. And, as a special bonus, Cody will provide the school with a copy of his "Internet Safety Tip Sheet" that can be photocopied and sent home with each child to reinforce the important messages in Cody's program!

Like Cody's other assembly programs, The “Internet Safety Magic Program” uses age-appropriate humor, tons of audience participation, and plenty of amazing magic to keep the students focused. Unlike other school assembly speakers, all of Cody's magic contains a message so the students remember not only the trick but he message that goes with it!


This Program Teaches The Following Curriculum:

  • This very educational program covers several important topics:

  • Why the Internet is such a wonderful tool

  • How some downloads can damage the computer

  • When is it safe to chat online

  • How some people online will say outrageous things in order to get your personal information…and how to avoid it

  • How things and people are not always what they claim to be online

  • Talking with your parents about the Internet

NOTE: This Program Is Also Available In Spanish.

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