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The "STAAR Test" Magic Pep Talk

Current research has shown that that there are differences between student who score high on exams and students who score low.


For example, high scoring students:

  • Have positive self-esteem and greater self-confidence

  • Do not feel intimidated by tests

  • Are more persistent with regard to their school work

  • Are more likely to use appropriate strategies when taking tests and are more "test-wise" than their peers


The research also suggests students who are “test-wise” are more successful in testing situations because they:

  • Are able to follow instructions and directions

  • Know how to avoid common exam mistakes

  • Know how to use their time effectively and efficiently

  • Can maximize their scores by educated guessing


The STAAR TEST magic Pep Talk is a 40 minute program that is designed to teach children valuable exam taking skills and how to be confident when taking these exams. During the Pep Talk Cody uses comedy and magic to illustrate several key exam taking strategies.

 The student will learn and understand:

  • Mechanics Of Test-Taking—such as the need to carefully follow instructions and checking their work

  • Appropriate Test-Taking Strategies—including ways in which test items should be addressed and how to make educated guesses

  • How To Practice Their Test-Taking Skills—to refine their abilities and to become more comfortable in testing situation.


NOTE: This Program Is Also Available In Spanish.

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