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Increase PTA Membership

"Thank you for an amazingly successful day of character programs for both our students and our parents.  The student programs were outstanding!  I’ve had many teachers thank me and the PTA for sponsoring your shows.  Students have even come up to me and told me how much they enjoyed your message!  The Family Fun Night was a huge success as well!  We had over 320 people attend our PTA meeting when usually we’re lucky to have 50!  Numerous parents have expressed their enthusiasm and desire to have you return next year!  Thanks again for three wonderful shows!"
 - Kay Hobstetter / 2ndVice President, Parent and Student Programs / Brookwood Elementary

Rachel's Challenge Magic Assembly Program...SUCCESS!

"Thank you so much for your time.  Our students and family loved it!  It was great having you at Startzville Elementary again!"
 - Shari Tucker / Parent Support Specialist / Startzville Elementary

Character Counts Magic Show!
"Cody...Thanks for the awesome performance! We appreciate you!"
 - Audra Millhouser / Annette Perry Elementary

Increase Attendance At Your Next PTA Meeting
Click Here for Franz Elementary Video Testimonial
"We had Cody perform at our last PTA meeting and he literally packed the auditorium! We normally have terrible attendance; thanks to Cody the meeting was GREAT and the show was wonderful. We will definitely have him back again!"
 - Anjanette Conner / Franz Elementary

J. Lyndal Hughes Elementary Family Fun Night Success!
Click Here for Hughes Elementary Video Testimonial
"Cody, Thank you, thank you, thank you! The show was amazing, everyone loved it. The PTA is already planning for next year, we had 36 NEW members sign up and had 180 people in the audience tonight!"
 - Erin Shedd / J. Lyndal Hughes PTA

The TAKS Prep Magic Show Really Works!
"Cody, Thanks again for yesterday’s performances. I have heard nothing but raves about the shows. I had one teacher tell me this morning that after the TAKS testing performance yesterday morning, one of her students did a language paper and struggled a bit. He said “I can’t do it!”. He immediately stopped himself and said that he would not think those thoughts because he knew that he could do it ~ one of your concepts already in to practice. Even though many children at our school will be influenced by your positive messages, if you have only changed one little boy’s perspective, you have done a mighty thing. Thanks again and we will look forward to seeing you next year!"   
 - Cheryl Irwin / Parkway Elementary PTA

Glen Oaks Elementary / McKinney Texas
"Dear Cody, I can not tell you how much we enjoyed your performance! You were the best family entertainment that we have ever had at this school. I have never seen that many parents attend a PTA meeting before, and it was all because of you!  I have had more parents come to me and sing your praise! I will tell everyone about you and I hope that we will have you visit again soon! You truly made an impact on the parents and children were both WOWED! We loved it...and you can quote me on this! It was the best!"  
 - Emily Dennis / Glen Oaks PTA / McKinney Texas

Martha Reid PTA Family Fun Night Success!
"Hi Cody! I wanted to say thank you again!  The shows yesterday were a huge success.  We will definitely spread the word about Motivational School Shows."  
 - Jennifer Neesen / Martha Reid PTA

The Austin Public Library
"I was VERY impressed that the card trick produced the Austin Public Library's own Star Card! The adults and near-teens were laughing through the whole program, and 4 parents (at least) made a point of telling my how much they enjoyed the show. The magic was flawless and the comedy perfectly timed…Mr. Fisher had the audience eating out of the "palm of his hand". Of course, as a librarian, I loved his message of reading and using the library, and I loved how the books on snakes, cooking and gardening were incorporated in the introductions to the tricks. Highly recommended! So far, Cody Fisher’s "I Love to Read" magic show has been THE HIGHLIGHT of our summer special events!"
 - Elizabeth Murphy / Austin Public Library Summer Reading Program


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