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Olympia Elementary
“What can I say…Excellent show! All the students were actively engaged and excited, not only about magic…but about reading! Thanks for the AWESOME program!”
 - Sara Williams / Teacher / Olympia Elementary School

Goodwin Primary
“Cody, your ‘I Love To Read’ magic assembly program was a BIG hit with our students and teachers. Not only was it very entertaining…but we were amazed at how educational it was. We can not wait to have your other programs at our school.”
 - Sheri Wersterfer / Goodwin Primary School

Linder Elementary
"Mr. Fisher’s “Yes I Can” assembly was OUTSTANDING! The kids were excited, motivated, and really learned a lot! I would definitely recommend your motivational programs to other organizations!”
 - Beverly Throm / Counselor / Linder Elementary School

Wilchester Elementary
“Cody, your programs have really made an impact on our school. ALL the students PK-5 were captivated by your talent and are still talking about it several days later! I will definitely reschedule you again…and again…and again!”
 - Kathy L. Hopson / Media Specialist / Wilchester Elementary School

Carver Elementary
"Cody, your 'I Love To Read' magic show was GREAT! The kids really related to the comedy and magic. I would definitely recommend your show to other schools!"
 - Karen Smith / PTA President / Carver Elementary School

Fuentes Elementary
“It was a real pleasure to work with a professional like yourself. I am very glad that we decided to have you at our school…GREAT program!”
 - Dewey Lawhon / Principal / Fuentes Elementary School

Cactus Creek Elementary
“Cody…THANK YOU! You did a great job and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback today! Parents that didn't get to attend last night want to see if you are going to be at another school close by in the near future so they can go see you! We are all so pleased and the kids will be talking about this for weeks to come!”
 - Tina Jehl / Cactus Creek Elementary PTA

Ben Mylum Elementary
“Cody - Thank you so much for your magic program today. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it!”
 - Sara Kostroun / Ben Mylum Elementary PTA

Paloma Creek Elementary
“Cody…Our kids were mesmerized with your talents and I appreciated the TAKS talks and the importance of using the library to the students. Thanks for coming to Paloma Creek. Please do use me as a reference. Let me know what I can do to help you with your endeavor to motivate students to learn.”
 - Romeo Munguía / Principal / Paloma Creek Elementary

Stuart Place Elementary
“I was very impressed with every aspect of Cody’s show. He was completely prepared, and his show was exactly what we were looking for. All the students continue to talk about the strategies he shared through magic, and they are VERY motivated to do their best on the TAKS as a result of his performance.”
 - Farlee Knox / Guidance Counselor / Stuart Place Elementary School


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