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Yes I Can

The “YES I CAN!” Magic Show is a multipurpose program designed to teach children several important life lessons. The program is divided into two distinct sections. During the first part of the program the children will learn how to properly set goals, follow through with their goals, believe in themselves, respect themselves, and respect other people.

The second half of the program deals with stranger danger and how and why you should live a drug free life. This 40 minute program is both entertaining and educational. When kids are having fun and enjoying themselves they are much more receptive to the ideas and messages being presented.

 This Program Teaches The Following Curriculum:

  • How To Grow Up & Be What You Want To Be

  • Why YOU Are A Special, Unique, & Valuable Person

  • The DANGERS Of Drugs, Smoking, & Alcohol

  • Stranger Danger

  • Be A Leader NOT A Follower

  • How To Get Motivated

  • How To Properly Set Goals

  • The Importance Of School, Study, & Hard Work


NOTE: This Program Is Also Available In Spanish.

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